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Food and the Fall: The Adam and Eve Syndrome

There is a hostile and intense battle raging for the mind of every man. You are being pursued by an unrelenting, wrathful, and deadly adversary. His single and solitary goal is the demise and destruction of everything and everyone that God loves. There is a GREAT CONTROVERSY that must be settled in the mind of all intelligent beings in the universe. Every man born during this age in which earth history closes, has come into existence for such a time as this.


Satan has concocted an effective and dastardly formula to hijack the minds of humanity. It is a formula that works every time against those who are not cognizant of his plans and methods. This book finally uncovers the enemy’s strategy.  It gives us all the ability to not only resist, but with God’s strength, we can defeat him.


If you do nothing about Satan’s efforts, you will be lost. The stream of sin flows so swiftly, that to do nothing means being carried downstream to eternal destruction. You must open your eyes, ears and mind right now! You must fight back right now. This book tells you how, RIGHT NOW!


Discover for yourself, as I did, the exhilirating and liberating power that is found in this amazing book. Gain a sense of freedom and control in your relationships. Each page unveils greater insight into the power that you have to control what happens in your relationships. Take the vicarious journey of a lifetime through the mysterious and enchanting "Lands of Circles," in the book, "Who's In Your Circles and Why?"

M. Cummings (Huge Fan)


It's time to excel as yourself in your relationships and stop the influence of others that causes you to live out their expectations instead of your own. You'll begin by building the solid foundation of "SELF" that will give rise to your own positive energies of self-empowering independence!

The Author



There is no passion like fire burning in your bones. When you pick up a pen to write, write as though the world is holding its breath in a quiet pause of anticipation, waiting to see what your soul is birthing. This is that passion that pushes the pen across the paper with purpose. This most recent book "God, and the Mind-of-Man Connection, Food and the Fall: The Adam and Eve Syndrome" is a gift to me from the universe, which I enthusiastically share with you. Dewar said the mind is like a parachute. It is no good unless it is open. Open your mind and only believe. You will gain an insight into plans that have been set into motion against you by the adversary of souls. He will be uncloaked and the authority that God has given you will be unleashed as you discover the immense power that is yours, in this book, "God, and the Mind-of-Man Connection."  ~The Author~

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