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Welcome to J. Calvin Alberty and WIJAH Publishing Company, LLC. The home of the amazing books "That Tent on The Corner," "God And The Mind-Of-Man Connection" and "WHO'S IN YOUR CIRCLES AND WHY." WIJAH also publishes many other books, sound recordings, and an array of poetic publications. We invite you to review our product list below. We are sure that you will find fulfilling and empowering books. Please scroll down this page and click "BUY IT" next to  the books that will enhance and empower your life.

That Tent On The Corner

ISBN 978-1-940525-17-4


A family faces an encounter with new truths from the Bible. Against the counsel of their pastor they begin a journey of exploration that leads them to examine the meaning of God's word for themselves. Each new revelation challenges their faith. They must now make unpopular decisions with their present church and their unyielding pastor.
 What will they do? Will they have the courage to follow their convictions as the word of God reveals new light to them, or like unthinking puppets, will they follow the long-held traditions of their past.
What will they do? What would you do if it were you? Follow them as they face the adversities and challenges on their ever arduous journey to be obedient to Christ.

God And The Mind-Of-Man Connection

ISBN 978-1-940-525-15-0


There is a hostile and intense battle raging for the mind of every man. You are being pursued by an unrelenting, wrathful, and deadly adversary. His single and solitary goal is the demise and destruction of everything and everyone that God loves. There is a GREAT CONTROVERSY that must be settled in the mind of all intelligent beings in the universe. Every man born during this age in which earth history closes, has come into existence for such a time as this.

Satan has concocted an effective and dastardly formula to hijack the minds of humanity. It is a formula that works every time against those who are not cognizant of his plans and methods. This book finally uncovers the enemy’s strategy.  It gives us all the ability to not only resist, but with God’s strength, we can defeat him.

If you do nothing about Satan’s efforts, you will be lost. The stream of sin flows so swiftly, that to do nothing means being carried downstream to eternal destruction. You must open your eyes, ears and mind right now! You must fight back right now. This book tells you how, RIGHT NOW!

Who's In Your Circles and Why?

ISBN 978-0-9800181-0-3

What an amazing book!  This book is empowering and liberating.  You will not be able to put it down.  How did I ever get along without it?  It was wonderful to take this vicarious journey through THE LANDS OF CIRCLES.  Take an enchanting voyage with Izzy and Lizzy as they make it easy to know who should be in and out of your circles.  This book teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls of bad relationships before they begin. “Who’s In Your Circles and Why” tells you how to take your life back from others. You will be inspired to set boundaries, become stronger and less vulnerable, and you will set the tone, direction, and flow, altering forever how others view you.  You will not have to demand respect, it will be given. This is a life-altering book that serves as a powerful means of liberation in your circles of relationships and communication

Hanging With Fools Will Get You Hung! 

ISBN 978-1-940525-00-6

​  This book is great! It is based on the Bible's Book of Proverbs. Everyone needs this book right now, because there are fools everywhere.  I will even go as far as to say that we are fast approaching a time where there are more fools than there are rational, Spirit-filled people.  This truth is simple, but it is also frightening.  Every day there is new and fresh fruit budding, blossoming, and ripening on the fool's-vine.  Proverbs 13:20 says, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but A COMPANION OF FOOLS SHALL BE DESTROYED.”  


This book explores and skillfully deals with, not only the fool’s lack of wisdom, but his hatred for wisdom.  This is a tale seldom told, but a road well-traveled.  It is replete and filled with real-life examples of the catastrophic and unfortunate choices and the resulting consequences of the fool in his ignoble, shameful and inglorious follies. This book is best used to help your children and those that you love, to recognize and then avoid the association of fools and thereby their chance of becoming one of them.

Making The Frat: The Old School

ISBN 978-1-940525-14-3


This book is the work of a lifetime. It is where you tell and then do not tell. It is making sure that you allow others in, but never into the inner sanctum of the fraternity. You share without giving away.  The viewer see enough, but not too much. You even let them see the hell and pain, but never beyond the sacred veil.


  I know the reality of pledging.  It is not a joke.  Subject to the worse of humiliations, you become an active agent in your own demise.  At times it even seems like a matter of life and death. It is not my intention to glorify the brutal acts herein associated with pledging. What you may see as glory, I may see as gory.  What I say and what you perceive, what I write and what you read may be vastly different.  So be careful of your own precarious interpretations.  I am just like the umpire.  I call it like I see it.  You may see it differently. I love my fraternity and all for which it stands.  However, what we did, the fraternity did not sanction.  In fact, it was clearly against its policies.  Yet, no one seemed to really care; at least no one that we knew.  They had made it the hard way, and they swore before God and man that no one was sneaking into their fraternity.  They swore, and they were willing to prove that they meant exactly what they said.  The degree to which they would go was nothing short of death.  They had the paddles, the tradition and the resolve to demonstrate to everyone that, “No dirty rat was going to sneak in the Frat.  It wasn’t going to be any stuff like that!”  We sang it as pledgees, and we knew that they meant every word of it.

The Poetry of Our Lives, A Cultural Evolution

ISBN 978-1-940525-02-0


​   This book speaks to the cultural evolution of a “People of Beauty.” It gives you insight into their emotions, thoughts and actions. You experience, on a deep emotional level, their struggles, hopes, aspirations, challenges and victories. You get to cry with them, laugh with them, struggle with them, and finally celebrate with them. Come and embrace their heritage and history. It is a journey that you will never forget, and will always want to revisit again and again.



The Poetry of Our Lives, Another Voice

ISBN 978-1-940525-03-7

Every soul that lives and breathe should read this book.  There is one poem alone called “Wisdom” that is worth the price of the entire book. We the people of the universe are natural citizens of a village called life. We want our darkness to be light, our problems to have solutions, our voices to be heard, our lives to have dignity, our children to be happy, free and responsible. We the people are one people. We must never yield to tyranny or abandon our struggle for every man’s right to be “We the people.” This book of poetry and writings are written for you. It celebrates humanity and humaneness. It celebrates YOU as you bring Another Voice that celebrates our lives!

The Poetry of Our Lives, A Love Revolution

ISBN 978-1-940525-01-3

 This book is for the ladies who want to vicariously experience how a man deeply and profoundly loves a woman. In his expressions she is honored, respected, and oh yes, painted with intellect and passion. You are transported through the inner portals of the author’s mind as he views the essence of a woman and her intense and powerful spirit and soul. Then hear him give a voice to what he sees and experiences in contemplation of her beauty. He does this in such a way that you will have to catch yourself as you fall under his captivating and irresistible aura and sensations of love. Love will revolt again everything mundane and pull you into the sweltering and fiery thralls of passion.​




ISBN 978-1-940525-06-8

This is an amazing book for children.  Children's spirits are injured everyday with thoughtless and inconsiderate words spoken by others. This book helps to insulate and repair our children by building their self-esteem. It teaches tolerance and acceptance relative to cultural diversity issues.  It builds the self-esteem of children in a most wonderful and empowering way.  This fantastic book is written in rhyme for easy reading.  What an exciting "feel-good book" for children as they navigate their way through this challenging journey that we call life. This book is truly amazing. All pages are full water colored illustrations, which help bring this story to life in a beautiful and authentic fashion. Please purchase and enjoy this empowering book with your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces.

52 Weekly Church Welcomes

ISBN 978-1-940525-04-4

​This is an awesome welcome book. It gives a brief introductory story followed by a beautiful welcome and a short poem. It is everything that a hostess or greeter at any church desires for welcoming visitors in a way that conveys God and the family of God love to them in an authentic and genuine manner. However, this is so much more than a welcome book.  It can be used for lifting your own spirits and inspiring others to believe that all things are possible.  Can you imagine, every week of the year you will have a motivational and inspirational reading to share with others. This book has sold all over the United States as a powerful tool to make every visitor at your church feel as if they never left home.  You will always find a place and time where this book is needed.  Don’t be the one who wish you had purchased it.  Do it now!


people of  Beauty front cover png.png
A People of Beauty

ISBN 978-1-940525-18-1

​First presented by the Augusta State University Black Student Union to sold out audience each night. This amazing play highlights the history and strength of the African in all of his and her splendor and glory. This must have publication should be on your bookshelf as a light in darkness. "A People of Beauty" will bring to you the often hidden beauty of a magnificent people.


The Basics for Success and Getting Jobs

​ISBN 978-1-940525-12-9


Abraham Lincoln stated, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend seven hours sharpening my axe.” This amazing workbook is designed for anyone that is trying to sharpen their axe in order to gain employment. It speaks to the issue of the job interview, a sample resume and step by step objectives designed to make the process of gaining employment easier. The writing is simple, concise and thorough. This book is designed with the novice and intermediate job seeker in mind. It is 94 pages of power-packed information that will put you on the road to success. BUY IT NOW!

The Play Peer Pressure

ISBN 978-1-940525-07-5


​This is a Christian-based play designed to show just how wrong things can go when we blindly follow the crowd. It is written in the setting of Noah’s day, but everything about it is modern and powerful. It is also written in rhyme and a rhythmic fashion that audiences have loved. The surprised ending sends a strong message for the youth to think for themselves, because the consequences of failing to do so can be fatal. This is particularly the case when we get caught up in the whims and negative behaviors of others. This play book has 13 characters with 7 or 8 additional young people in the crowd. It is fun, fast and full of energy. Buy it now!

What Ever Happened to Respect?

​ISBN 978-1-940525-11-2

Some say that respect is a thing of the past and that chivalry is dead. Many simply ask the question, “What ever happened to respect?” This play says that respect is something that continues to be desired in all of those that live in the society of one another. This school-age play is designed to give children a sense of power in making the decision to be respectful. Not only does this play say that being respectful is alright, but it goes further to say that disrespectfulness leads to a path of trouble, while respect leads to positive outcomes in your life. One old lady use to say, “Good manners will take you everywhere, while no manners or bad manners will take you nowhere.” This is a great production for the youth to learn the value of respect.

The Fortuitous Dilemma of Wesley 

ISBN 978-1-940525-05-1

“The Fortuitous Dilemma of Wesley” This one act play is hilarious. What happens when two college kids have an atomic bomb of good fortune to explode in their laps? Good news for Wesley brings a dilemma into play that evokes one laugh after another. This play was written with humor in mind. But be careful, you just might find yourself shedding a few tears. If you are in theater, you will love directing or acting in this play. This play is high energy as it leaps off of the pages with its unpredictable characters. If you just enjoy plays, then sit down and enjoy yourself to the max.  Let go of all of your inhibitions. Unbutton your shirt or blouse, or just let the button pop off as you swell and explode with laughter and fun. You deserve this book; you deserve to laugh; and you deserve both right NOW!

Jam The Box 1 - Music

​ISBN 978-1-940525-09-9


This is a Christian based play.  We have performed it throughout Georgia and South Carolina. It has been performed in Atlanta, New York, New Orleans and Los Angeles. It has a powerful message and presentation that audiences thoroughly enjoy. The purpose of this play is to warn the youth about the destructive nature and negative influence of certain types of music. Written within their messages are both subtle and blatant negative communications. They are messages that say that it is okay to engage in certain negative behaviors. This is done with the knowledge that one thing leads to another. In this play the music leads to hanging with negative associates, drugs usage, and a path of immorality.  This play will help our young people understand that their choice of music can have a deleterious effect on their moral character.  This play sends a message saying  “You can play with the devil, but the devil does not play!” As the characters say throughout the play, “One thing leads to another, that’s the way it is brother!”  BUY IT NOW

Jam The Box 2, "TV"

ISBN 978-1-940525-08-2​


​The purpose of this play is to make everyone understand that the most important asset that we have is time. There are powers of a satanic nature that wish to control all of our time and leave no time for the worship of God. This play is funny and powerful.  It has six characters that have specific duties centered on controlling our use of time. It is a Christian based play where Satan is very dissatisfied with the poor job that his imps are doing in controlling man’s time. So he calls a master meeting to get man back into his control. His assertion is that man has too much time to read the Bible and that this has to be stopped, and it has to be stopped now. The audience loves this play from the beginning to the end. New research indicates that Satan is doing his job well, with an average of 55 hours weekly being consumed by television, texting, and computer usage. This play pulls the veil from Satan's cover so that his plot against man can be seen for what it is.

The Alberty's "I Can Read In 99 Days"

ISBN 978-1-940525-13-6

​This is an interesting common sense type book. It is based on established rules of phonics. There’s a simple pretest that establishes where a person is on the basic skills needed for reading. There is also a posttest so that you can measure how much has been learned, as well as the areas where improvement is still needed. The author wrote this book to be a common sense approach to reading. Give it a try with those that you want to help and see how far they progress in less than 100 days.

The Least Likely Hero

​ISBN 978-1-940525-10-5


​This play is designed to encourage children to believe in themselves and all of the possibilities around them.  It is purposed to encourage them to pursue their dreams and to succeed in their endeavors.  The world truly is filled with possibilities, but there is no greater possibility than the potential that exists within the heart and mind of each of our children.


This play is motivational and powerful. It is in a wonderful book and has 10 characters with additional young people in the crowd. It is fun, fast and full of energy. It is designed for middle school age children. BUY IT NOW!

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